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High Quality E0 Grade Commercial Plywood For Furniture

Plywood is considered to be the cheapest and the best alternative to wood for making furniture, cabinets, paneling and even in industrial applications. It is because plywood is strong and impact resistant to a certain extent and it is available in easily workable sheet form when compared to wood.

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Product Introduction

There are different grades of plywood. The commercial plywood is the standard plywood that you can access in any hardware store when you ask for plywood. The commercial plywood is usually a grade of plywood that is quite cheap because it is manufacturer out of veneers or slices of woods called the ply which is glued or bonded together under high pressure.  The commercial plywood is also termed MR plywood where MR denotes moisture resistant. This means that the plywood can withstand a fair amount of dampness, humidity, and moisture.  The commercial plywoods are made with different types of veneers that are popular in a particular geographical location. You have commercial plywood made of okoume veneers, bintangor veneer, birch veneer, pine veneer, pencil cedar veneer,  core veneers made of poplar and eucalyptus.  

Okoume face back poplar core commercial plywood for furniture interior decoration and packing
okoume face back combi core E0 grade commercial plywood for furniture

A number of plies refer to the layers of veneers or thin slices of wood that is used in the manufacturing of the plywood.  Based on the number of plies you have:

● 3-ply
● 5-ply
● 7-ply
● 9-ply
● 11-ply

The plywood tends to be expensive as the number of ply increases.

Kindly Of Plywood

(1) Furniture plywood

(2) Decoration plywood

(3) Packing grade plywood

(4) CDX plywood

(5) Marine plywood

(6) Ordinary commercial plywood 

Size Selection





Length: 2400mm-4100mm




Nature wood veneer for face and back, nature wood plank for core, glue

Pallet packing 

We can offer Buyer Label and OEM Service 

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