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Waterproof Fire-resisitant PVC Foam Board Using For Cabinet And Decoration

PVC foam board, or PVC board for short, is a lightweight, durable, and widely used board. Because of its many advantages and cost-efficiency, it has become a favorite product in many industries.

Like rigid PVC, the closed-cell PVC foam board is sturdy and has a very rigid structure, and the weight is only half of the solid PVC weight. Foamed panels have excellent impact resistance, extremely low water absorption, and high chemical resistance.

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Product Introduction

CNC milling and digital cutting machines can be selected for sawing, and ordinary tools can be used for sawing, stamping, bending, edge trimming, drilling, die-cutting, grinding, drilling, tightening, nailing, riveting, or bonding.

PVC foam board has a variety of bright colors and various densities, thicknesses, and sizes. The whole sheet has consistent colors and a matte appearance. It can be printed on any side with almost no glare. It is ideal for screen & digital printing, painting, lamination, vinyl lettering, and molding applications.

This material can be used in various indoor and outdoor scenes: advertising signs, decoration, display; Sculpture, partition, arts and crafts, drama props, model production; furniture board substrate, interior decoration for ship, container and vehicle, doors and windows, backdrop board, partition system, exterior materials, etc.


White PVC Foam Board

White PVC Foam Board
Thickness Standard Size
12mm 1220mm*2440mm
Density 0.45kg/m3,  0.5kg/m3,  0.55kg/m3

Color PVC Foam Board

Color PVC Foam Board
Thickness Standard Size
7mm 1220mm*2440mm

PVC Faced PVC Foam Board

PVC Faced PVC Foam Board
Thickness Standard Size
5mm 1220mm*2440mm


● Constructions (wall panels, ceilings, decorations)

● Advertising (printing, computer lettering, carvings)

● Signage

● POP Display

● Furniture (Cupboard

Character of PVC Foam Board

● Easy to cut

● Can be fireproof, water-resistant and termite-proof

● Cheaper than solid wood

● Takes polish well and can be painted easily

● Tough, unbreakable material

● Provides a good surface for adding veneer and other laminates=

● Holds screws well

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